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our audio services



our audio services

"Internet radio has the potential to be the most ubiquitous form of media ever. More commanding of your attention than film, television, or books."


spoken word is still an incredibly powerful tool, and the increasing popularity of podcasting only adds to the momentum.

online radio streaming continues to grow in the united states, and it is predicted that over 68% of all internet users will have used online radio by 2018.

112 million americans have listened to a podcast, and 67 million of those listen to podcasts monthly.

42 million americans listen to podcasts weekly.

whilst podcast fans have tended to skew younger, they are now the most popular with 25-54 year olds than any other age group.

Title quote courtesy of Forbes.
Online radio data courtesy of statista.
Podcast data courtesy of Edison Research.


pensacola business radio x

pensacola business radio x

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pensacola business radio x

pensacola business radio x

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Business RadioX ® Studio Partners from across the Network are Amplifying The Voice of Business by sharing unscripted conversations from local business leaders serving their market, their community, and their profession.


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brx studios-pensacola

brx studios-pensacola

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We help local business leaders get the word out about the important work they're doing to serve their market, their community, and their profession.

We support and celebrate business by sharing positive business stories that traditional media ignores. Some media leans left, Some media leans right. We lean business.

Learn about business from across the entire Business RadioX network. Listen to the best of Business RadioX 24-7. Every week our studio partners are interviewing their market’s finest entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders – helping them share their knowledge and their story with our business audience.

We’re delighted to report we had over 26 Million Downloads last quarter (July through September 2018).

Monthly Downloads vary by show and episode, ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand.

 * Source: Digital Tool Factory — Microsoft Azure Content Distribution Network Statistics

Your guess is as good as ours regarding additional downloads of these same conversations hosted and posted on websites managed by our Guests, Sponsors, and Loyal Listeners (yes, we allow that — all Business RadioX ® interviews available on our public website pages are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License).

  • Business RadioX ® is usually the #1 or #2 Google organic search result for “Business Radio” in the markets we serve (goes back and forth between us and Bloomberg depending on Guests each week).

  • As of October 2018, our Alexa Ranking is 326,744. (It’s like golf — the lower, the better.) You can see your own Alexa Ranking and rankings for other media platforms at Alexa.com/siteinfo

  • We’ve captured over 35,000 inspiring and informative interviews with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Community Leaders — sharing their experience and insight on virtually every business topic from any industry you can imagine.

Our global footprint and commitment to sharing positive business stories equips us to reach millions of interested and engaged listeners who need and want this content to help them grow their business.


brx studios pensacola studios

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  • Pensacola Business Radio

  • ITEN WIRED Radio

Powerful Women of the
Gulf Coast-
Women in Leadership Series

Pensacola Business Radio

Broadcasting live from the BRX Studios in downtown Pensacola . . . Pensacola Business Radio is the only place where interviews of the the city’s best and brightest Business Owners, Community Leaders and Budding Entrepreneurs are happening. We provide the platform and distribution like no one else.


ITEN Wired Radio

ITEN Wired Radiohosted by Keith Hoffert, spotlights Business Owners, Community Leaders and Budding Entrepreneurs in the Pensacola and Gulf Coast region.

Women in Leadership Radio  – sponsored by Pensacola Business Radio X. We hold monthly shows featuring local community leaders and other men and women in business. We engage our guests in conversational style in-depth interviews. They share their advice on topics such as mentoring, keys to success, time management tools, personal mantras and favorite inspirations, and what men can do to help support women in business.

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at the fundamental core, our success is determined by the relationships we nurture, the network we build, the resourcefulness we exhibit and always doing the next right thing.
— keith hoffert, founder eightfifty:media / co-creator brx studios